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As a clinical nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia, Jake’s philosophy is founded on the principles of evidence based individualised nutritional medicine.

Jake wholeheartedly believes that each individual has a different constitution; and each constitution requires personalised nutritional care and support.

Nutritional medicine is simply “using food as medicine”. The human body is an incredibly complex, highly organised, interrelated system.

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Although nutritional intervention is Jake’s primary role, as a clinical nutritionist, he believes that the body is interconnected and hence he will be working with you on important aspects to optimise your health and wellbeing. These include but are not limited to enhancing digestion, stress management, sleep quality and incorporating regular physical activity.

To Jake the human body is identical to a car. If you are regularly servicing your car and providing it high quality fuel, the car will thrive. It will have turbocharged performance, perfect braking and steering. However, if you are providing your car with poor quality fuel and irregular services, the car will be suboptimal. It will regularly break down, have many mechanical problems and won’t be registered to even be on the road! When the human body is provided with high quality nutrition, it will also thrive, for life. Jake’s role is to provide evidence based recommendations for your body to thrive for life!

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Jake’s consultative approach as a clinical nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney is one that encapsulates empowerment, positivity and improving self confidence. Jake’s philosophy is based on providing scientifically researched nutrition intervention; but also providing ongoing nutrition education to facilitate the health progressions towards your health and body composition goals. He believes that nutrition education is essential for long term health and vitality. So for Jake, his goal is for his clients to become their own nutrition and health expert.

It might sound very strange and surreal but it is the happiest days for Jake when his clients tell him that they do not need to see him anymore because they have become their own nutrition and health expert with working long term with him. Jake’s goal is for his clients to not become reliant on him, but to be empowered to make exceptional health choices to lead their happiest and healthiest life.

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