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Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

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Your Leading Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist: Jake Biggs

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist - Jake Biggs

Your bariatric surgery nutritionist expert Jake Biggs at Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs. As the leading bariatric surgery nutritionist, Jake Biggs is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to patients preparing for and recovering from bariatric surgery. Jake specialises in creating personalised nutrition plans that optimise health and promote long-term success for individuals undergoing bariatric procedures.

Jake works closely with each individual to develop a pre-surgery nutrition plan tailored to their unique needs. This plan focuses on improving overall health and ensuring the body is in the best possible condition for surgery. By incorporating nutrient-dense foods and crafting meal plans that align with medical guidelines, Jake helps reduce surgical risks and enhance recovery outcomes.

Post-surgery, Jake continues to provide dedicated support, guiding patients through their new dietary requirements. This includes crafting customised meal plans that promote healing, prevent nutritional deficiencies, and support sustained weight loss. Jake’s ongoing coaching and nutritional counselling empower patients to adopt sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes, ensuring they achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

With Jake Biggs as your bariatric surgery nutritionist, you’ll have a trusted partner by your side, offering expert guidance and unwavering support throughout every phase of your bariatric journey.

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Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist: Essential Need For Healthy Nutrition For Pre Bariatric Surgery

Optimising Health and Reducing Surgical Risks: Prior to bariatric surgery, achieving optimal health through nutrition is paramount. A nutrient-rich diet bolsters the immune system, enhances tissue repair, and reduces inflammation, all of which are crucial for minimising surgical risks and promoting a swift recovery. Patients are encouraged to focus on whole foods such as lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. These foods provide essential vitamins and minerals that prepare the body to withstand the stress of surgery and support healing processes. As your bariatric surgery nutritionist, Jake Biggs offers personalised meal plans and nutritional guidance to ensure that you are consuming the right balance of nutrients to optimise your health before surgery.

Promoting Pre-Surgery Weight Loss: Weight loss before surgery is often required to reduce the risks associated with the procedure. A well-structured, calorie-controlled diet helps patients shed excess kilograms, which can make the surgery safer and more effective. Reducing body fat can lower the risk of complications such as infections, blood clots, and anesthesia-related issues. A high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet is often recommended to promote fat loss while preserving muscle mass, which is crucial for maintaining strength and function during the recovery period. Jake Biggs works closely with each patient to create a tailored weight loss plan that suits their individual needs and goals, providing ongoing support and adjustments as needed.

Addressing Nutritional Deficiencies: Identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies is a critical component of pre-surgery preparation. Many bariatric patients may already have deficiencies in key nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, due to dietary restrictions or previous medical conditions. A thorough nutritional assessment is conducted to tailor supplementation and dietary interventions. Ensuring adequate intake of these essential nutrients helps prevent complications such as anaemia, osteoporosis, and impaired wound healing post-surgery. Jake Biggs as an expert bariatric surgery nutritionist conducts detailed nutritional assessments and prescribes necessary supplements, ensuring that all deficiencies are addressed before surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Implementing a Liver Reduction Diet: A specific liver reduction diet is often prescribed in the weeks leading up to surgery. This diet typically involves a high-protein, low-carbohydrate regimen designed to reduce the size of the liver. An enlarged liver can obstruct the surgical field, making the procedure more challenging and increasing the risk of complications. By following a liver reduction diet, patients can decrease liver fat content, making it easier for the surgeon to access the stomach and perform the surgery more safely and efficiently. Jake Biggs provides detailed dietary guidelines and support for implementing a liver reduction diet, ensuring patients follow the regimen correctly and effectively.

Establishing Healthy Eating Habits: Developing healthy eating habits pre-surgery sets the foundation for long-term success post-surgery. Patients are educated on portion control, mindful eating, and the importance of a balanced diet. They learn to identify and avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, and to incorporate a variety of nutrient-dense options into their meals. Establishing these habits early helps patients transition more smoothly to their post-surgery dietary requirements and supports sustained weight loss and health improvements. Jake Biggs offers comprehensive education and coaching on healthy eating habits, empowering patients to make lasting changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Psychological and Emotional Preparation: Nutritional preparation also encompasses psychological and emotional readiness. Many patients have a complex relationship with food, and addressing emotional eating and food-related anxieties is crucial. Nutrition counselling and support groups can provide the necessary tools and strategies to cope with these challenges, fostering a healthier mindset and greater adherence to dietary recommendations. Jake Biggs provides compassionate counselling and connects patients with support groups and resources, helping them navigate the emotional aspects of their weight loss journey and build a positive relationship with food.

With Jake Biggs as your bariatric surgery nutritionist, you will receive personalised, expert guidance and unwavering support throughout your pre-surgery preparation. Jake’s comprehensive approach ensures that you are physically and mentally ready for surgery, setting you up for long-term success and improved health.

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Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist: Essential Need For Healthy Nutrition For Post Bariatric Surgery

Promoting Healing and Recovery: Post-bariatric surgery, proper nutrition is crucial for promoting healing and recovery. Initially, patients must follow a liquid and pureed food diet to allow their digestive system to adapt to the changes. Gradually transitioning to solid foods, they need nutrient-dense meals that support tissue repair and reduce inflammation. Consuming adequate protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and facilitating wound healing. Jake Biggs, as your bariatric surgery nutritionist, provides personalised meal plans that include appropriate protein sources, vitamins, and minerals to accelerate recovery and enhance overall health.

Preventing Nutritional Deficiencies: Following bariatric surgery, patients are at increased risk for nutritional deficiencies due to reduced food intake and absorption. Essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 need to be closely monitored and supplemented as necessary to prevent complications like anemia, osteoporosis, and neurological issues. Jake Biggs conducts thorough post-surgery nutritional assessments to identify potential deficiencies and prescribes tailored supplementation plans. Jake also provides guidance on incorporating nutrient-dense foods into daily meals to ensure long-term nutritional adequacy.

Managing Weight Loss and Maintaining Muscle Mass: Successful weight loss after bariatric surgery requires a balanced diet that promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass. A high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet is often recommended, along with regular physical activity. Jake Biggs creates customised nutrition plans that focus on optimal macronutrient ratios, helping patients achieve their weight loss goals without compromising muscle integrity. Jake’s ongoing coaching and support ensure that patients adhere to their diet and exercise plans, making necessary adjustments to optimise results.

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Establishing Sustainable Eating Habits: Long-term success after bariatric surgery depends on developing sustainable eating habits. Patients must learn to manage portion sizes, avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, and embrace a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Jake Biggs provides comprehensive education on mindful eating practices, portion control, and healthy food choices. Through personalised counselling and regular check-ins, Jake helps patients build a positive relationship with food and adopt habits that support lifelong health and weight management.

Supporting Psychological and Emotional Well-being: The psychological and emotional aspects of post-bariatric surgery are as important as the physical ones. Patients may experience emotional challenges related to body image, food cravings, and lifestyle changes. Addressing these issues is crucial for long-term success. Jake Biggs offers compassionate support and counselling to help patients navigate the emotional aspects of their journey. By providing strategies to manage stress, emotional eating, and food-related anxieties, Jake ensures that patients are equipped to maintain their dietary changes and achieve lasting success.

Monitoring and Adjusting Dietary Plans: As patients progress through their post-surgery journey, their nutritional needs may change. Regular monitoring and adjustments to dietary plans are essential to meet evolving requirements and address any emerging issues. Jake Biggs conducts frequent follow-ups to assess patients’ progress, making necessary modifications to their nutrition plans. This ongoing support helps patients stay on track, overcome challenges, and continuously improve their health and well-being.

With Jake Biggs as your bariatric surgery nutritionist, you will receive expert guidance and personalised support throughout your post-surgery journey. Jake’s comprehensive approach ensures that you receive the nutrition you need to heal, prevent deficiencies, manage weight loss, and establish healthy, sustainable eating habits. Jake’s unwavering commitment to your success empowers you to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain long-term health and vitality.

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Obesity Nutritionist: Client Testimonials

“Jake is an incredible weight loss nutritionist and obesity nutritionist. I came to see Jake at 110kg and working with Jake has been a life saver for me. Jake has completely changed my health and life. Working with Jake I have managed to lose 50kg and I have never felt as good as I am now. With Jake’s sustainable weight loss approach, I have now learnt how to keep my weight off forever. Jake you are incredible, thank you so much. Highly recommend Jake to anyone looking to achieve their ideal weight. He is remarkable”.


“I highly highly recommend Jake as a weight loss nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Jake has really changed my life and I am so grateful that i got referred to Jake. He is simply an incredible person and amazing weight loss nutritionist. I have seen Jake now for 10 months and the results have been phenomenal. Really, beyond my wildest dreams. I have with Jake’s expert help managed to lose 20kg. Jake is so personal and his treatment plans are incredible. Thank you so much Jake. Highly recommend”.


“I can only say wonderful words about Jake Biggs as an expert weight loss nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney. I have seen Jake for 2.5 months now and my weight loss and fat loss results have been absolutely incredible. I am so grateful that I got in touch with Jake. Jake’s expert weight loss treatment plans have impressed me so much. I have also found Jake highly personable, funny and engaging. He really listens to me with the consultations that I have with him and provides me personalised videos after each consultation that we have together. He has made the weight loss process seamless and this is all thanks to Jake. 

I have also found even with me continuing to lose weight with Jake that my energy levels are still fantastic and I am not feeling hungry all the time which I thought would happen. Jake’s sustainable weight loss approach is very refreshing and with Jake I have already lost 6kg and lost nearly 10cm off my waist and hips in only 2.5 months with working with Jake on my weight loss. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jake and the consultations we have together. 

He has really empowered me with my decision making towards food choices. I am very lucky that I came across Jake and am excited to continue working with him to reach my goal weight. With Jake it is not just about a diet. It is much more than that. He looks meticulously at your exercise, sleep, stress management as well as food intake. I can say that if anyone wants a weight loss nutritionist, Jake is the perfect one for you. His approach is fantastic and I can only thank Jake for all his work he has done for me! I highly highly recommend Jake Biggs as a weight loss nutritionist”.


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Essential Choice As Jake Biggs As Your Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Expertise and Experience: Jake Biggs brings a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge in the field of bariatric nutrition. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of bariatric surgery patients, Jake is adept at crafting personalised nutrition plans that address both pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery. Jake’s expertise ensures that you receive the most effective and scientifically backed dietary guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Personalised Nutrition Plans: One of the key aspects that sets Jake Biggs apart is his commitment to personalised care. Recognising that each patient is unique, Jake conducts thorough assessments to understand your medical history, dietary preferences, and weight loss goals. This individualised approach allows Jake to create customised nutrition plans that optimise your health, support weight loss, and promote long-term well-being.

Comprehensive Support: Jake Biggs offers comprehensive support throughout every stage of your bariatric surgery journey. From pre-surgery preparation, where Jake helps you optimise your health and reduce surgical risks, to post-surgery recovery, where Jake ensures you receive adequate nutrition and avoid deficiencies, you are never alone. Jake provides ongoing coaching, regular follow-ups, and continuous adjustments to your nutrition plan, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Focus on Long-Term Success: Jake’s approach goes beyond immediate weight loss to emphasise sustainable, long-term success. By educating you on healthy eating habits, portion control, and mindful eating practices, Jake empowers you to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. Jake’s guidance helps you establish a positive relationship with food, maintain your weight loss, and enjoy improved health for years to come.

Psychological and Emotional Support: Understanding the psychological and emotional dimensions of bariatric surgery is crucial for lasting success. Jake Biggs provides compassionate support to help you navigate emotional challenges, manage stress, and overcome food-related anxieties. Jake’s holistic approach ensures that your mental and emotional well-being is addressed alongside your physical health, creating a balanced and supportive environment for your journey.

Commitment to Your Success: Jake Biggs is deeply committed to your success. With a patient-centered approach, Jake prioritises your needs, listens to your concerns, and works tirelessly to help you achieve your weight loss and health goals. Jake’s dedication and passion for helping patients transform their lives make him a trusted and reliable partner in your bariatric surgery journey.

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist: Personalised Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Consultations

Initial Pre Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Consultation + Pre Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Plan

The initial consultation with Jake Biggs is a pivotal step in your journey towards preparing for bariatric surgery. This session is meticulously designed to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current health status and to establish the groundwork for a personalised nutrition plan tailored to optimise your pre-surgery health.

Comprehensive Health Assessment

1. Detailed Health History: During your consultation, Jake Biggs will take the time to thoroughly review your medical history, including any past surgeries, chronic conditions, and medications. Understanding your health background helps Jake assess any potential risks or complications related to bariatric surgery.

2. Dietary Analysis: Jake will conduct a detailed analysis of your current dietary habits, including your typical food intake, meal patterns, and nutritional deficiencies. This evaluation is crucial for identifying areas that may require modification to support optimal nutrition before surgery.

3. Lifestyle Evaluation: Beyond diet, Jake will explore your lifestyle factors such as physical activity levels, stress management practices, sleep patterns, and any habits that may impact your weight and overall health. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects contributing to your weight management journey are addressed.

Goal Setting and Personalised Plan Development

1. Discussing Specific Goals: During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your specific goals and aspirations with Jake. Whether your focus is on achieving weight loss, improving overall health markers, or preparing your body for surgery, Jake listens attentively to understand your priorities.

2. Personalised Nutrition Plan: Based on the information gathered, Jake will develop a personalised nutrition plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. This plan may include dietary recommendations to optimise nutrient intake, strategies for weight loss if necessary, and guidelines for enhancing pre-surgery health.

3. Lifestyle and Behaviour Modifications: In addition to dietary adjustments, Jake may recommend lifestyle modifications and behaviour changes that support your overall health and readiness for bariatric surgery. This could involve stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene improvements, and strategies for increasing physical activity.

Educational Guidance and Support

1. Nutritional Education: Jake provides comprehensive education on the principles of nutrition, including the importance of balanced eating, portion control, and choosing nutrient-dense foods. You will gain a deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts your health and weight management journey.

2. Behavioural Strategies: To support sustainable changes, Jake offers practical strategies for overcoming challenges such as emotional eating, food cravings, and dining out. These behavioural techniques empower you to make healthier choices and maintain long-term success.

3. Roadmap to Better Health: By the conclusion of your initial consultation with Jake Biggs, you will have a clear roadmap towards better health and successful preparation for bariatric surgery. Armed with a personalised nutrition plan and actionable strategies, you will feel confident and empowered to embark on your journey towards achieving optimal health and well-being.

Private health care rebates available for Australian residents.

60 minutes – $220.00 AUD

Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist

Subsequent Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Consultations + Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Plan

After undergoing bariatric surgery, continuing to receive specialised nutrition guidance is essential for your recovery and long-term success. Jake Biggs provides comprehensive post-surgery nutrition consultations designed to support your healing process and help you adapt to your new dietary requirements effectively.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

1. Reviewing Surgical Progress: In your post-surgery consultation with Jake Biggs, he will assess your surgical progress and any immediate health concerns. This includes monitoring your recovery, healing of surgical wounds, and adjusting your nutrition plan accordingly.

2. Nutritional Status Assessment: Jake conducts a thorough evaluation of your nutritional status post-surgery. This assessment includes checking for any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and protein to ensure optimal recovery and prevent complications like malnutrition.

3. Lifestyle Adjustment: Beyond nutrition, Jake examines your lifestyle adjustments post-surgery, including changes in physical activity, sleep patterns, and stress management. These factors play a crucial role in supporting your overall health and well-being after bariatric surgery.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

1. Tailored Dietary Recommendations: Based on your current health status and surgical outcomes, Jake develops a personalised nutrition plan that meets your specific needs. This plan focuses on gradual dietary progression, starting from liquids and pureed foods to solid foods, ensuring you receive adequate nutrition while allowing your digestive system to adjust.

2. Monitoring Nutrient Intake: Jake ensures you maintain proper nutrient intake post-surgery, emphasising the importance of protein to support muscle maintenance and wound healing. He also provides guidance on portion control and choosing nutrient-dense foods to help you achieve and maintain weight loss goals.

3. Managing Potential Complications: Jake addresses potential complications that may arise post-surgery, such as dumping syndrome or dehydration. He educates you on recognising symptoms and provides strategies to manage these issues effectively through dietary adjustments and hydration techniques.

Education and Support

1. Continuing Nutritional Education: Jake continues to educate you on nutrition principles tailored to your post-surgery needs. Topics include maintaining hydration levels, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and navigating dietary challenges specific to bariatric surgery patients.

2. Behavioural Strategies for Long-Term Success: To support your long-term success, Jake offers practical behavioural strategies. These include coping mechanisms for emotional eating, strategies for dining out healthily, and tips for maintaining motivation and adherence to your nutrition plan.

Monitoring Progress and Adjustments

1. Regular Follow-Ups: Jake schedules regular follow-up consultations to monitor your progress, assess your adherence to the nutrition plan, and make necessary adjustments based on your evolving health needs and weight management goals.

2. Personalised Support: Throughout your post-surgery journey, Jake provides personalised support, addressing any concerns or challenges you may face. His compassionate approach ensures you feel supported and empowered to achieve sustained health improvements.

Empowering Your Journey

By choosing Jake Biggs as your bariatric surgery nutritionist for post-surgery consultations, you gain access to expert guidance and personalised care that prioritises your health and well-being. Jake’s comprehensive approach ensures you receive the necessary support to navigate the complexities of post-surgery nutrition effectively, empowering you to achieve optimal health and long-term success.

Private health care rebates available for Australian residents.

Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Check In: 30 minutes – $110.00 AUD

Post Bariatric Surgery Extended Subsequent Consultation: 45 minutes – $165.00 AUD

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Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist: Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Private Practice Location

Bariatric surgery nutritionist expert. Jake Biggs as a bariatric surgery nutritionist in Sydney practices from his private nutrition clinic which is located in the heart of Bondi Junction, Sydney. Access and convenience to his clinic is seamless.

Train/Bus: Jake’s clinic is a 2 minute walk from the Bondi Junction train station and bus depot. The train to catch will be on the T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line. The Bus depot destination will be the Bondi Junction interchange.

Car: Jake’s clinic is directly located opposite Westfield Bondi Junction Shopping Centre that offers 2 hours free parking. No parking fees!

Jake also offers online consultations via Zoom.

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