Today, I’m talking to Jake Biggs, a nutritional medicine practitioner, nutrition coach and corporate nutrition speaker from Sydney, Australia. Jake developed severe anorexia nervosa at 14 years old, and then over 13 years, he experienced 20 hospitalisations and borderline fatal death. Throughout this time in his life, he encountered first-hand, the devastating impact of anorexia nervosa on his mental and physical health and what happens, when the human body is deprived of quality nutrition.
Jake describes his previous relationship with food as ‘abysmal’. Jake had a turning point in his recovery, being exhausted with the never-ending cycle of hospitalisations, he decided to focus on moving away from the illness, and towards different goals and dreams. Exposure therapy – which he will be talking about more in this episode, was an integral part of this. If this didn’t all seem enough to contend with, Jake then developed a Grade 3 Frontal Lobe Astrocytoma brain tumour. This required an urgent brain operation and subsequent radiotherapy treatment, where he lost all his hair and had extremely poor energy, mental clarity and tiredness.
After this, Jake’s career goal was to educate himself on using nutrition as medicine for the human body. Despite suffering from multiple seizures, he soldiered on and completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine degree) in September 2021 graduating with DUX Honours. It is now Jake’s life mission to assist individuals to restore, rebalance and reinvigorate their health by using evidence-based medicine principles for long term longevity. This is a truly inspiring conversation and demonstrates the hope and possibility for recovery for anyone who has experienced an eating disorder or other health condition. I hope that you enjoy the conversation.

Today’s episode is all about men’s health and sports nutrition. Clinical Nutritionist Jake Biggs joins me on the show to discuss nutrition tips, the great ‘protein debate’ when it comes to sports nutrition as well as men’s specific health concerns (think metabolism, alcohol intake, mental health and overall well being). Jake is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about using nutrition as medicine for the body. So if you’re embarking on a health journey, or continuing one, you’ll really enjoy what Jake has to offer.

Today’s episode is one not to be missed! I have on the show today Jake Biggs who is a clinical nutritionist in Sydney, Australia. Jake shares his remarkable story of his severe anorexia nervosa and brain tumour. These occured at the same time which makes his recovery all the more inspirational. Jake shares his story in great detail and his road to recovery. It is truly motivational, inspirational and he shares with me his gems for eating disorder recovery. Thanks so much Jake!

Today’s episode is an episode with a special guest that has previously been on my podcast but he was so good that I wanted him back again! Jake Biggs sits down with me today as two leading experts in the field of eating disorders and discuss everything related to eating disorder treatment. A great listen and one that you will get a lot out of. Jake has first hand experience of severe anorexia nervosa and has gone through endless amounts of treatment. He shares with us his thoughts on the most effective for eating disorder recovery.

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