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Your Specialised Fat Loss Nutritionist: Jake Biggs

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Clinical Nutritionist

Your expert fat loss nutritionist Jake Biggs at Nutrition Longevity with Jake Biggs is the leading fat loss nutritionist to unveil the formula on how to achieve and sustain your dream body fat levels. Your journey towards sustainable fat loss begins. As an expert fat loss nutritionist, Jake Biggs has years of experience and a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their health goals, Jake Biggs stands as your trusted guide in your fat loss journey. Jake educates and empowers you to achieve your dream body fat levels and shows you how to keep it for the rest of your life.

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Jake Biggs - Nutritionist Sydney

Fat Loss Nutritionist Jake Biggs: Life Changing Fat Loss Client Transformations

“I highly highly recommend Jake as a weight loss nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Jake has really changed my life and I am so grateful that i got referred to Jake. He is simply an incredible person and amazing weight loss nutritionist. I have seen Jake now for 10 months and the results have been phenomenal. Really, beyond my wildest dreams. I have with Jake’s expert help managed to lose 20kg. Jake is so personal and his treatment plans are incredible. Thank you so much Jake. Highly recommend”.


“I can only say wonderful words about Jake Biggs as an expert weight loss nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney. I have seen Jake for 2.5 months now and my weight loss and fat loss results have been absolutely incredible. I am so grateful that I got in touch with Jake. Jake’s expert weight loss treatment plans have impressed me so much. I have also found Jake highly personable, funny and engaging. He really listens to me with the consultations that I have with him and provides me personalised videos after each consultation that we have together. He has made the weight loss process seamless and this is all thanks to Jake. 

I have also found even with me continuing to lose weight with Jake that my energy levels are still fantastic and I am not feeling hungry all the time which I thought would happen. Jake’s sustainable weight loss approach is very refreshing and with Jake I have already lost 6kg and lost nearly 10cm off my waist and hips in only 2.5 months with working with Jake on my weight loss. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jake and the consultations we have together. 

He has really empowered me with my decision making towards food choices. I am very lucky that I came across Jake and am excited to continue working with him to reach my goal weight. With Jake it is not just about a diet. It is much more than that. He looks meticulously at your exercise, sleep, stress management as well as food intake. I can say that if anyone wants a weight loss nutritionist, Jake is the perfect one for you. His approach is fantastic and I can only thank Jake for all his work he has done for me! I highly highly recommend Jake Biggs as a weight loss nutritionist”.


“I was referred to Jake in August 2023. We had an initial chat on the phone as I wanted to see what Jake was offering and how much experience he had. From the outset he was very willing to listen and discuss things with me. Having struggled with menopausal weight gain for the past 2 years and realising that nothing I was doing was helping, I decided to join up with Jake and see what would transpire. He was very skilled in listening to my exercise history and food diary and then writing a phenomenal meal plan. What makes this even better than any other dietician i have ever seen is that Jake nailed perfectly the exact amount of food that i required each day and DID NOT LEAVE ME FEELING HUNGRY!!!!! Jake – that in itself is just amazing.

As a fitness professional with a very active lifestyle it is so important that I keep up my energy reserves for this life I live. Jake gives ongoing support, checks in to make sure all is well, follows each weigh in day, gives SO MUCH encouragement and is truly invested in his clients. If I have any questions I only need to shoot him an email and he will answer it. The weight loss has been amazing – down 8kgs in 3 months and still going. I would highly recommend Nutrition Longevity with Jake Biggs – especially if you have reached Menopause and are struggling to lose weight. THANK YOU, Jake – I recommend you to everyone. You certainly have proven yourself to be very skilled at prescribing correct nutrition and food requirements. I look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2024″.


“Jake assisted me to move from 108 kg to 105 kg in the space of 2 months. He did this holistically by taking account of my preferences (vegetarian) and describing a diet that worked for me. My weight loss was gradual and consistent, and has continued since I last saw him a month ago (despite a few small and tasty distractions in that time). His approach is caring, considerate and focused on the slow and effective style of weight loss. I would recommend Jake to any person seeking to reduce their weight”.


“Where to start with Jake. I saw Jake for 9 months and lost over 10kg of fat and put a stack of muscle on. He is so much more than just writing out a diet plan and saying go for it. He works out with you exactly what you need and is accepting about the ways in which you struggle with sticking to the plan. He makes adjustments that’ll lead to your success and covers across many factors relating to health than just simply food. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jake and would recommend him to anyone that is seeking out a nutritionist”.


Fat Loss Nutritionist: Understanding The Importance Of Nutrition In Fat Loss

Embarking on a fat loss journey entails more than just exercise; it requires a comprehensive understanding of how nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable results. As a seasoned fat loss nutritionist, Jake Biggs specialises in crafting personalised dietary plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. Through a combination of scientifically-backed strategies and practical insights, Jake as an expert fat loss nutritionist ensures that your nutritional intake aligns with your fat loss objectives.

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Jake Biggs - Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs

Fat Loss Nutritionist: The Science Behind Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, Jake Biggs is your ultimate guide, leading you through a journey that goes beyond just shedding kilograms. With Jake’s expertise as your trusted fat loss nutritionist, you’ll embark on a transformative exploration of optimising your body composition to enhance overall health and well-being.

Jake doesn’t just provide a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, he dives deep into the intricate science behind fat loss. Through his guidance, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the metabolic processes that influence weight management. From the basics of calorie balance to the nuances of hormonal regulation, Jake equips you with the knowledge to navigate your fat loss journey with confidence and clarity.

One of the key pillars of Jake’s approach is the strategic distribution of macronutrients. He understands that it’s not just about cutting calories but also about ensuring that your body receives the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to support your goals. With Jake’s personalised dietary plans, you’ll learn how to optimise your macronutrient intake to maximise fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.

But Jake’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He also delves into the importance of meal timing and nutrient timing, showing you how to synchronise your eating habits with your body’s natural rhythms for optimal results. Whether it’s fuelling up before a workout or replenishing your energy stores post-exercise, Jake provides practical insights to help you make the most out of every meal.

What truly sets Jake apart is his dedication to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to make informed dietary choices for life. He doesn’t believe in quick fixes or crash diets; instead, he focuses on cultivating sustainable habits that support long-term health and well-being. With Jake as your expert fat loss nutritionist, you’ll not only achieve your immediate goals but also lay the foundation for a lifetime of vitality and vitality. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you, Jake Biggs is the partner you’ve been looking for.

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Fat Loss Nutritionist

Fat Loss Nutritionist: Personalised Consultations for Lasting Results

At Nutrition Longevity with Jake Biggs, Jake believes in the power of individualised care. Jake’s initial consultation serves as a foundation for understanding your unique lifestyle, dietary preferences, and health history. From there, Jake collaborates with you to design a tailored fat loss plan that fits seamlessly into your routine. But Jake’s support doesn’t stop there; subsequent consultations allow for ongoing adjustments and accountability, ensuring that you stay on track towards your fat loss objectives.

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Sydney Nutritionist

Fat Loss Nutritionist: Breaking Through Plateaus with Strategic Nutrition

Plateaus, those frustrating stalls in progress, can make anyone feel like throwing in the towel on their fat loss journey. But fear not, because with Jake Biggs as your trusted fat loss nutritionist, you’ll discover that plateaus are just temporary roadblocks, not dead ends.

Jake doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, he sees plateaus as opportunities for strategic intervention. Armed with a deep understanding of the body’s metabolic intricacies, Jake tailors personalised nutrition strategies to help you smash through those barriers.

From subtle dietary tweaks to more significant adjustments in nutrient timing, Jake’s arsenal of techniques is designed to keep your fat loss progress moving forward. Maybe it’s adding a bit more protein to your meals to boost satiety and preserve muscle mass. Or perhaps it’s strategically timing your carbohydrate intake to optimise energy levels and fat burning.

But Jake’s approach goes beyond just the physical aspects of nutrition. He understands that plateaus can take a toll on your motivation and mental resilience. That’s why he’s there every step of the way, providing the support and encouragement you need to stay focused and determined.

With Jake by your side, plateaus become nothing more than minor bumps in the road, rather than insurmountable obstacles. Together, you’ll uncover the strategies and tactics needed to keep your fat loss journey on track, no matter what challenges may arise.

So, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and ready to push past those plateaus once and for all, Jake Biggs is the expert you need in your corner. With his guidance, you’ll not only break through barriers but emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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Fat Loss Nutritionist: The Role of Mindful Eating in Fat Loss Success

Beyond calorie counting and macronutrient tracking lies the concept of mindful eating—a practice that Jake Biggs integrates into his fat loss approach. By fostering a mindful relationship with food, you’ll develop a deeper awareness of hunger cues, emotional triggers, and satiety signals. Through mindful eating techniques, Jake as an expert fat loss nutritionist helps you cultivate a sustainable dietary mindset that promotes long-term fat loss success.

Fat Loss Nutritionist Jake Biggs

Fat Loss Nutritionist: Sustainable Fat Loss Strategies for Longevity

Fat loss isn’t a short-term endeavour; it’s a lifelong journey towards health and longevity. With Jake Biggs as your fat loss nutritionist, you’ll adopt sustainable strategies that extend far beyond the scale. From prioritising nutrient-dense foods to fostering a positive relationship with food, Jake empowers you to embrace a lifestyle that supports lasting fat loss and overall well-being.

Fat Loss Nutritionist Jake Biggs Fat Loss Nutritionist

Fat Loss Nutritionist: Nutrient Dense Foods for Optimal Fat Loss

In the realm of fat loss, not all calories are created equal. Jake Biggs as an expert fat loss nutritionist emphasises the importance of nourishing your body with nutrient-dense foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. By prioritising whole, unprocessed foods, you’ll not only support your fat loss goals but also enhance your overall health and vitality. Through personalised dietary recommendations, Jake guides you towards a balanced eating pattern that fuels your body for success.

Fat Loss Nutritionist Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs

Fat Loss Nutritionist: Personalised Fat Loss Nutrition Consultations​

Initial Fat Loss Nutrition Consultation + Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

Your initial consultation with Jake Biggs as an expert fat loss nutritionist is an immersive experience designed to set the stage for your fat loss journey. Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, Jake delves deep into your health history, lifestyle habits, dietary preferences, and fitness goals. Through open dialogue and attentive listening, Jake gains valuable insights into your unique needs and challenges.

Drawing upon his expertise in fat loss nutrition, Jake meticulously analyses your current dietary patterns and metabolic profile to develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific objectives. This plan encompasses detailed dietary recommendations, customised meal plans, supplementation guidance, and lifestyle modifications aimed at optimising your fat loss progress.

Jake ensures that every aspect of your nutrition plan is grounded in scientific evidence and tailored to your individual preferences and requirements. By the end of your initial consultation, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of your path forward, armed with practical strategies and actionable steps to kickstart your fat loss journey with confidence.

Private health care rebates for Australian residents.

60 Minutes – $220.00AUD

Fat Loss Nutritionist - Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Sydney

Subsequent Fat Loss Nutrition Consultations + Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

Subsequent consultations with Jake Biggs represent a crucial phase in your fat loss journey, characterised by ongoing support, refinement, and progress monitoring. These sessions serve as checkpoints to review your progress, assess any challenges or setbacks, and fine-tune your treatment plan for continued success.

Jake takes the time to analyse your dietary adherence, metabolic responses, and physical changes since your last consultation, ensuring that your plan evolves in alignment with your evolving needs and goals. During these consultations, Jake provides valuable guidance on navigating obstacles such as plateaus, cravings, emotional eating triggers, and lifestyle disruptions.

He offers practical strategies, motivational support, and evidence-based insights to empower you to overcome challenges and stay committed to your fat loss goals. With Jake’s expert guidance and personalised approach, each subsequent consultation becomes a stepping stone towards achieving sustainable fat loss and optimising your overall health and well-being.

Private health care rebates available for Australian residents.

Fat Loss Nutrition Check In: 30 minutes – $110.00 AUD

Fat Loss Nutrition Extended Subsequent Consultation: 45 minutes – $165.00 AUD

Fat Loss Nutritionist Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs In Sydney
Fat Loss Nutritionist: Nutrition Longevity With Jake Biggs - Private Practice Location

Expert fat loss nutritionist. Jake Biggs as a fat loss nutritionist in Sydney practices from his private nutrition clinic which is located in the heart of Bondi Junction, Sydney. Access and convenience to his clinic is seamless.

Train/Bus: Jake’s clinic is a 2 minute walk from the Bondi Junction train station and bus depot. The train to catch will be on the T4 Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line. The Bus depot destination will be the Bondi Junction interchange.

Car: Jake’s clinic is directly located opposite Westfield Bondi Junction Shopping Centre that offers 2 hours free parking. No parking fees!

Jake also offers online consultations via Zoom.

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