Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


“Jake has truly changed my health and life that I never thought was possible. He is truly exceptional, and I am so grateful that I was introduced to Jake for nutrition advice. I was referred to Jake by a friend as I complained to him that I was experiencing a whole range of symptoms. But specifically, my energy levels were always so poor, I was feeling sleepy all day and my performance at work was completely abysmal. I was having to take days off work as I was simply exhausted. I also found that I couldn’t sleep well at all. What simply amazed me when seeing Jake at our initial consultation was that he articulately telling me exactly why I was experiencing my symptoms and within 2 weeks all the symptoms with dietary and lifestyle manipulations will Improve 90% and 100% at end of week 4. And that’s exactly what happened. Jake put together not a meal plan – he provided a 10 PAGE treatment plan that including dietary, lifestyle as well as hydration recommendations. Now after 6 months with working with Jake, I haven’t felt this amazing for so long. My energy levels are through the roof, I haven’t taken any time off work and I am sleeping so soundly. Thank you so much Jake”.

DAN, 61
“Jake Biggs is an outstanding clinical nutritionist and nutrition coach in Bondi Junction, Sydney. I can’t recommend Jake enough for all that he has done for me. I have been with Jake now for 9 months and the results have simply been phenomenal. I haven’t felt this energised for such a long time, and it is all thanks to Jake and the amazing work he has done for me. I was looking for a nutritionist or dietitian to help me improve my eating habits and overall health. I actually mentioned 9 months ago to a close friend of mine whether he knows or has seen a nutritionist before. Straight away without hesitation, in his words he said “You must see Jake Biggs in bondi junction”. Without flinching I contacted Jake and the rest is history. Jake provides such outstanding and detailed treatment plans that I feel privileged that he has worked with me. I haven’t felt this energised in years, I have had previously chronic gut issues and sleep problems. Jake in 9 Months has not only improved my gut and sleep but I now have no issues anymore with my gut and sleep. He has been simply outstanding for me and can’t thank him Enough. Has totally transformed my health and well-being. Thanks again Jake”.

“Jake is an exceptional clinical nutritionist and nutrition coach at Bondi Junction. It has completely changed my health and my life that I thought was not possible. I’ve seen Jake for 5 months now and he is a clear nutrition expert and I can only say amazing words about Jake. He is such a warm, friendly, kind and empathetic young man who makes our inquiries amazing. From the first time I met Jake, I was so relieved. Before I met Jake, my health was abysmal. My energy levels were at rock bottom, I was always sleepy, I had chronic bowel problems, and I was completely exhausted. Every day was just a struggle for me. What I love so much about Jake is how holistic he is. Not just adapting my nutrition, but also focusing on my exercise strategies, stress management and sleep hygiene. My health 5 months later with Jake is mind blowing! My initial symptoms are gone and that’s all thanks to Jake. A true expert in the field of nutrition
and I can tell you that he is the only person you should go to to improve your eating and health. Thank you very much Jake from the bottom of my heart!”

“Jake is an inspiration and has improved my health and well-being so much. He truly practices what he preaches and embodies the practices, lifestyle and mindset that he teaches. I have benefitted so much from his example, his passion and his easy going nature that makes nutrition fun. He is so knowledgeable about health, nutrition and exercise that I have renewed motivation for self care. I highly value and trust his guidance”.

“Jake is quite simply an outstanding, best in class clinical nutritionist. Words don’t do justice of his professionalism, expertise and knowledge. I have worked with Jake now for 6 months and the results have been unbelievable. I have the best energy levels I have had for some time and my sleep which I have struggled with so much is now fully back to normal. All thanks to Jake. His nutrition knowledge is second to none. His consultative approach makes it such a enjoyable experience for myself. I highly highly recommend Jake to anybody who wants to improve their health and their performance based goals. Thanks so much Jake again but everything that you have done for me so far”.

“Jake assisted me to move from 108 kg to 105 kg in the space of 2 months. He did this holistically by taking account of my preferences (vegetarian) and describing a diet that worked for me. My weight loss was gradual and consistent, and has continued since I last saw him a month ago (despite a few small and tasty distractions in that time). His approach is caring, considerate and focussed on the slow and effective style of weight loss. I would recommend Jake to any person seeking to reduce their weight.

“Jake is an outstanding clinical nutritionist. I saw Jake for nutrition advice for myself. The results have been simply remarkable over a 6 month period. I was impressed by his knowledge on diet and nutrition as well as his friendly approach. He spent half of the initial session educating me about nutrition and the other half asking detailed questions so he could provide a customised plan for me. With simple changes in my diet I was able to notice the change in my energy levels within 2 weeks as promised by Jake. I recommend Jake enough to anyone looking to improve their health. Thanks again Jake!”

“I have worked with Jake for 1 year now and the results have been extraordinary. Jake is amazing at what he does and I can’t thank him enough. We have together totally changed my dietary habits in that I feel amazing now with my body and my energy levels that I was struggling so much are great. Jake takes a highly individualised approach to his service and one that I responded well to. His level of detail that he goes into writing his treatment plans are extraordinary. Can’t thank you enough Jake!”

“I can only say that Jake Biggs is quite simply an incredible clinical nutritionist and nutrition coach in Bondi Junction, Sydney. His treatment plans are extremely detailed and I have loved working with him to
improve my health and well-being. Even though Jake is a clinical nutritionist, he looks at the body holistically which I love. Not just nutrition, but also exercise, sleep and stress management. He is a clear expert in the field of nutrition and optimising health. I can just say that if you are looking for a clinical nutritionist, Jake is the perfect person for you. He doesn’t just give a meal plan, his treatment plans are extremely extensive and detailed. He makes sure you understand exactly the plan and empowers you to make positive health choices He is a delight to work with. He’s kind, empathic and funny as well. He makes consultations engaging and the work I have done with him has been truly exceptional. Thanks so much Jake for everything you have done for me. You are amazing at what you do and I can’t recommend Jake enough to anyone wanting to see a clinical nutritionist!”

JOEL, 30
“Went to Jake to help with my nutrition plan while training and had fantastic results. Got me to my goal with really simple and easy dietary changes. Highly recommend!”

EMMA, 24
“I saw Jake over 10 sessions and he was able to help me hit my goals and give me tailored nutritional advice that boosted my energy. Very friendly guy and very accomodating- would recommend!”

MAI, 27
“Jake is amazing, super professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Would 100% recommend!”

MAX, 30
“Fantastic service!! Always approachable, very knowledgeable, very personalised plans!! Would highly recommend!!”

“Ive been working with Jake for about 6 weeks now. Ive lost weight in terms of Kgs and CM. I have more energy and I’m no longer taking a concoction of vitamins to support my health- winner. Jake is also kind and non judgemental. He’s super supportive and will explain the science behind nutrition in an easy to understand way”.

MAX, 25
“Jake is an outstanding clinical nutritionist. His nutrition expertise is simply remarkable and he has helped me so much. Jake has completely turned my health around in only 6 months with working together. I was referred to Jake by my colleague who said that Jake is your nutritionist to go to. I came to Jake to simply revitalise my health. I was experiencing daily extreme fatigue, with always being sleepy and my productivity at work was completely abysmal. I was also getting regular colds and flus and needed to have time off work as well. What I was astounded with Jake is also how personal his approach was. He made me feel completely at ease when speaking to him. With not only providing me at our initial consultation a 8 page treatment plan he provided me weekly nutrition education material as well. He really made so much effort in educating me along the way. I had seen dieticians and nutritionists before with just being written a meal plan. Jake takes it to a whole new level which his level of detail. In only 6 months together the results have been unbelievable. I actually haven’t taken a day off work with any colds or flus as well that my energy levels are high with not experiencing sleepiness throughout the day. I can’t recommend Jake enough to anybody looking to improve there health and there nutrition. Jake has been a life saver for me. Thanks so much again Jake”.

“I have seen Jake for 9 months now and the results have been fantastic! Jake is amazing at what he does and can’t thank him enough. I came to see Jake as I was really struggling with my energy levels, always being tired and finding that I was cognitively not at my best. I was taking a lot of time work as I just didn’t have the capacity to function properly and regularly getting colds and flus. Since working with Jake my energy levels have increased so much that I haven’t needed to take anytime of work and my cognitive function is unbelievable. With Jake continually educating me on healthy nutrition, I have become more knowledgeable and motivated. Thanks so much Jake again”.

ELLA, 19
“Jake is an exceptional clinical nutritionist and has helped me so much for the past 6 months that we have been working together. With Jake continually educating me on nutrition, I have become really empowered and my progress has been great; all thanks to Jake. I have found a huge increase in my energy levels and I am no longer feeling fatigued at all during the day. My work performance has drastically increased. Thanks so much Jake, so grateful for all your help so far! Highly recommend!”

ALEX, 19
“Jake has been my nutritionist for a few months now and I can’t thank him enough for the results I have seen and continue to see in such a short period of time. He is very passionate about what he does and that urges me to continue. His friendly approach to his clients is one of his many attributes. I would highly recommend him and I appreciate everything he has done for me so far.”

HUGO, 19
“I’ve had a few sessions with Jake, and he’s provided me with valuable in depth nutritional information tailor made for me, which he’s spent a long time developing. Having followed his meal plans, I’ve seen great results, and have really enjoyed my consults with him”.

“It’s full marks to Jake for the outstanding and professional consultations he provided. He was able to very quickly identify areas of my nutrition that required some changes and was particularly convincing and inspiring when it came to getting me to implement them. He was also very forgiving when there were some little transgressions on my part 😜 We achieved great long term permanent results. Highly recommended”.

“Jake is an amazing clinical nutritionist. I came to see Jake for nutrition advice for myself. I was astounded with his nutrition knowledge and expertise. Achieved such great results together and I can’t thank jake enough for everything he has done for me. Highly recommend”.

“Jake really understood my needs as an athlete and educated me on the perfect eating habits to achieve my goals and change my life. After 2 months I feel fantastic and will never go back to my old ways. Thanks again.”

“The information provided was very useful and explained in terms my kids could understand, highly recommended!!”

“Jake is an outstanding clinical nutritionist and has improved my health so much. I have seen Jake for 6 months and the results have been simply astonishing. I haven’t felt this energetic in years as well as my cognitive function is now through the roof. I highly recommend Jake to anybody who wants to
Improve the health and well-being. Thanks so much again Jake for all your amazing work that you have done for me. I am so grateful.”

RAFI, 25
“Jake Biggs is not only a fantastic nutritionist and excellent speaker but also an incredibly funny and empathetic person. His own experiences have informed his approach in a way that makes it clear that he sees health and well-being as more than just a lifestyle. Could not recommend more”.

“Jake is an exceptional clinical nutritionist, we have been working together closely now for 8 months and my energy and fitness levels have increased dramatically.”

JOEL, 32
“Jake is an exceptional clinical nutritionist, we have been working together closely now for 8 months and my energy and fitness. Jake is an amazing person and his knowledge is clinical nutrition is out of the world. He has helped me understand and adapt an entire different approach for sustainable nutrition plan. Highly recommend consulting him for your nutrition. levels have increased dramatically.”

“Jake is a really nice guy and has amazing knowledge about all you need to know to achieve your results through nutrition. After my first consult My energy levels came up to 100% and i am sleeping so much better. Cant recommend enough. Fantastic nutritionist. Thanks so much Jake!”

JOEL, 26
“Jake is an amazing person and his knowledge is clinical nutrition is out of the world. He has helped me understand and adapt an entire different approach for sustainable nutrition plan. Highly recommend consulting him for your nutrition”.

“Jake’s consultations are informative and practical. Not only have I seen results, but Jake is educating me along the way so that I have life long skills. He is always very professional, but also personal. Would highly recommend!”

“I contacted Jake for my son who plays a lot of sport. Jake is extremely professional and informative! His guidance on food for growth and development was easy to implement and understand. He is extremely approachable and encouraging. I highly recommend his services.”

“Jake was wonderful with my teenage son. Knowledgeable, kind and firm. He took time to understand my childs needs and gave excellent advise and a fantastic food plan”.

“Jake has helped me with my nutrition journey for over a year now. I’ve been able to achieved my fitness goals with Jake and have noticed mental and physical improvements”.

“Fantastic nutritionist, professional and highly knowledgeable. Jake has a compassionate approach to health and well-being. Highly recommend to all!”

“As a woman in her 60’s, I needed new information about my nutritional needs. Jake has provided me with exceptional up to date information that has shown a deep understanding of nutrition across the lifespan. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest him to anyone looking for nutritional advice. Thanks Jake!”

ZAC, 33
“Jake is a great guy and has helped me overcome some really challenging situations. He’s super knowledgeable and just a stand up guy. Couldn’t recommend more.”

IAN, 29
“Since starting my nutritional journey with Jake, I have seen extraordinary changes in the body that has made me feel great. I have noticed that I am hardly hungry and tired during the day. We have changed the way that I eat to extend my capacity throughout the day. He provides notes at the end of a session to help certain food groups that everyone should read and learn. Jake is great!”

“Had the pleasure of meeting Jake recently and what an absolutely lovely person to deal with. Very knowledgeable on products and services. Give him a go!! You won’t be disappointed!!”

“I have been seeing Jake for approximately a year. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my health and he has been so supportive and empowering and has so much Knowledge on nutrition and was able to design the perfect plan to suit my needs and goals.”.

“I can only commend Jake for his knowledge and skills!! He has a diverse background which enables him to provide an amazing service to his clients to produce great results”.

“I have been seeing Jake since November 2022 who knuckled down in my first consultation whats stopping me from achieving my goals. With the complexity of the holiday season, Jake never made me feel bad for enjoying myself during this time and once it was over, he encouraged me to stick back to my plan which has allowed me to loose 5kg in roughly 10 weeks. Education around what we eat should be a necessity and Jake helped me be more mindful and energised in what I chose to eat. Thank you so much! I would recommend him to everyone!”

“I highly recommend Jake for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their diet – not just for weight loss, but also for weight gain/increasing muscle mass. Ever since I adopted his meal template, my energy level has increased dramatically and I feel much stronger. His advice is backed by solid knowledge and is delivered in a way that is easy to understand and apply. Thanks Jake!”

EDDY, 83
“Very well informed and very helpful advice from Jake, One of the best”.

“I attended Jakes nutrition seminar at Camperdown Fitness on the 10.08.22. Jake chatted to us about nutritional as a whole and then went on to deep dive into specifics via a really informative Q&A. There wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer!”

“For years I have tried to change my eating habits as I eat a lot of a junk food and as I age I am acutely aware it is making me feel like rubbish. A few months ago I was referred to Jake’s services by the gym I was a member of. Jake has a a great combination of skills whereby he is very knowledgeable about food and it’s effects but also more importantly about the habit aspect that people create when it comes to food. It’s very easy to tell someone not to eat this food or that food but it’s a much greater skill to help people change their habits related to those foods. I would often turn up to our sessions telling Jake I hadn’t stuck with whatever it was we had agreed to the previous session. Jake was always understanding, never judgmental and always had his style of advice that is encouraging and motivating. Jake would regularly send me video follow ups from our chats making it clear what I needed to do as well as doing his best to motivate me to do it. Jake even came to the supermarket with me once to show me what to buy/not buy for certain ingredients. On the weeks where I followed Jake’s advice, I saw results and felt great. The weeks where I didn’t, well you can guess what happened there. You can tell that Jake cares about helping people change their lives and he is invested in helping them achieve their goals. In short, I would highly recommend Jake to anyone that is looking to change their eating habits and improve their overall wellbeing”.

“Jake is an incredible individual, who is driven by passion. It was clear that Jake has a tonne of experience and knowledge in the industry. Since my initial consultation, Jake has exceeded all my expectations with the service he provided. Jake has reached out to me on numerous occasions to check on my progress and has assisted me with informative information on my autoimmune disorder, which we are working on completely eliminating. I highly recommend consulting Jake for all your health, nutrition and lifestyle changes”.

“Jake is incredibly positive, supportive and knowledgeable. Jake worked with my daughter and always explained the different aspects of nutrition so she could understand. He is very holistic in his approach and discusses how food and exercise work together and the importance of both to your wellbeing. I couldn’t recommend Jake more highly, you are always welcomed with a big smile and his complete supportive”.

“Where to start with Jake. I saw Jake for 9 months and lost over 10kg of fat and put a stack of muscle on. He is so much more than just writing out a diet plan and saying go for it. He works out with you exactly what you need and is accepting about the ways in which you struggle with sticking to the plan. He makes adjustments that’ll lead to your success and covers across many factors relating to health than just simply food. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jake and would recommend him to anyone that is seeking out a nutritionist”.

BEN, 31
“I highly highly endorse Jake as a clinical nutritionist in Bondi Junction, Sydney that specialises in gut health. Jake has completely transformed my gut problems to now none! I came to see Jake as I was really struggling with my gut health. I was having chronic gut issues with bouts of irritable bowel syndrome that was problematic for myself. I had really tried everything but nothing was working for me. I am so glad that I met with Jake! From our first consultation together, I was incredibly impressed with his nutrition knowledge as well as his knowledge in everything related to the human gut. He explained to me exactly the changes that we need to make together and assured that my gut would be healed very quickly. Although skeptical at first, Jake was completely right. With the changes that Jake recommended for me, I now have a healthy gut. I don’t have the problems that I had with irritable bowel syndrome. This is all thanks to Jake. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Jake Biggs as a speciality in the field of gut health as a clinical nutritionist”.

“I highly recommend Jake Biggs as a clinical nutritionist and nutrition coach in Bondi Junction. He is an amazing person who is warm, empathetic, knowledgeable, supportive and super relatable. His treatment plans are incredibly detailed but also doable. Can only say incredible words about Jake!”

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